Jul 27, 2022 | Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor Refinishing – When is it Time to Do it?


When it comes to hardwood floors, you want them to look their best for as long as possible. While cleaning and treating them regularly can help, a refinishing by professionals is a fantastic way to look after your hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ.

We recommend that you have your hardwood floors refinished every few years to keep them looking their best. When you commit to regular maintenance, you are getting a professional inspection every time. That means you can have an expert inspect the floors and recommend the best ways to keep them looking great, extending the lifespan of your floors while making them look beautiful.

On top of regular maintenance, here are a few instances when it pays to have professionals in for refinishing.

Scratches, gouges and chips

Hardwood floors take a lot of punishment. Over time, they may have heavy things dropped on them, nails of pets can slowly scratch away at them and other issues. Even something like dragging heavy furniture can lead to blemishes, divots and more. Hardwood refinishing is a chance to smooth out these unsightly marks and make the floor look much better. Plus, the refinishing team can put on a new protective layer that helps your floors endure any future issues. If your floors have any of these issues, a professional refinishing can help them get to looking their best again.

Water damage

People think that water damage is rare in this part of the world, but this isn’t true. Hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ can often endure lots of water damage from plumbing emergencies, flash floods and more. When this happens, your hardwood floors can sometimes be salvaged. A professional refinishing helps mitigate the damage and restore your floors after they’ve suffered water damage.

If your floors have endured water damage, it’s important to get the professionals in as fast as possible to assess the situation. Simply drying them will not be enough as water can seep in and cause further damage. When you contact hardwood flooring experts, they can work quickly to save as much flooring as possible and help you get back to normal.

You want to freshen the look

One of the great things about refinishing your hardwood floors is that it makes them look new again. UV damage along with scuffs and scratches can completely change the look of a floor over time. A professional refinishing will take a fine layer off the wood, giving it a new lease on life. For many types of wood, that means a few shades different in color, which can be the perfect way to update a space when renovating or redecorating. If you want to give a room a fresh new look, make sure you refinish the floors as well.

Professional refinishing for hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ

Does your hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ need some love and care? Our team of dedicated flooring specialists offer hardwood refinishing services that will keep your floors looking their best and help them last longer. Contact us today about our refinishing services and other ways we can help you update your floors.