May 17, 2021 | Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tips that Work Wonders


If you have hardwood floors in need of refinishing, you might be looking for some tips to help you with the process. While the best tip is definitely to hire hardwood floors refinishers, but if you’re determined to do things yourself, there’s a few things, such as amount of surface area, removing coatings, and attentiveness to safety that you should keep in mind. Let’s dive into the top tips for hardwood floor refinishing that work wonders.

Hire a Professional Service

The best tip for refinishing hardwood floors is just to hire a professional hardwood floors refinishing service instead. While it’s true that doing it yourself is possible, it’s not usually worth it when a service can save you plenty of time, energy, and pain. Professionals will take care of the job effectively and efficiently so that you can relax. There is nothing worse than doing a job and having to pay to have someone redo the work. Don’t pay twice, hire a professional hardwood floor refinisher.

Measure Your Surface Area

Surface area is a key factor when it comes to hardwood floor refinishing, and one of the most important tips is to measure it out before you start sanding. It might seem well and easy, but after hours of sanding on a huge floor, your joints will be screaming at you. For small surface areas, say less than fifty square feet, you can probably get away with sanding on your own, but anything over that and you’ll definitely want to look at some hardwood floors refinishers.

Remove the Finish

The first real step to a hardwood floors refinishing service comes down to removing the polyurethane, wax or oil coating off of the boards. This generally includes moving any furniture or obstructive objects out of the way to start, and then sanding or applying your wax stripper to remove the coating. For paint coatings, you’ll need different chemical agents to remove them, such as acetone. Once this is done properly, you’ll be able to sand properly.

Keep an Eye Out for Safety Hazards

Refinishing floors can be a dangerous job if you aren’t careful or wearing the right protective equipment, so you need to keep an extra eye out for safety hazards if you’re trying to do the job yourself. When it comes to hardwood flooring, hazards such as nails, screws, splintered wood, or tacks can ruin your equipment or lead to personal injury, and the only way to absolutely prevent problems is to hire a hardwood floors refinishers company.

Add More Polyurethane, Wax, or Oil

The last thing you can do is reapply any polyurethane, wax, or oil you need to the hardwood floors. You should make sure you apply multiple times, with three times generally being the golden rule. You’ll need to ensure that, if you’ve decided to do things on your own, you spend time thoroughly abrading between each coat of polyurethane, wax, or oil, and that you properly finish the floors to make them look fresh. While it is possible to do this by yourself, depending on your fitness level, equipment and the surface area size, the work of sanding alone can be extremely taxing, difficult to ensure finish adheres, doesn’t bubble or streak, so hiring professional hardwood floors refinishers is of extra benefit here.

Overall, there are a few tips you should consider when it comes to refinishing your hardwood floors. It’s a great advantage to hire professional hardwood floors refinishers when possible, but if you’re determined to do it yourself, be sure to test whether you need a full refinish, measure your surface area, remove the previous coating effectively, be wary of safety hazards, and then reapply the polyurethane, wax, or oil. If you want to save on all of this time, energy, and exertion, be sure to find a reputable company that can get the job done quickly and effectively. Click here to learn more.


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