Sep 24, 2020 | Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor — How to Keep Your Hardwood Looking Fantastic


Hardwood flooring is beautiful, of that, there is no doubt. But living in the Arizona desert, floors get dirty and needs maintenance and attention. What can you do to keep your Hardwood looking fantastic? You don’t have to be intimidated by finding out about hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ. If you have hardwood, all you need is to know is how to take care of it. Fortunately, a little prevention is all that is necessary.

Keep it clean the right way.

Be sure to wipe up any spills. Don’t leave water or other liquids lying on the hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ. That can cause discoloration or damage. Clean it once a week, but don’t overuse the water, and don’t use waxes or bleaches. Use only cleaners recommended by your floor’s manufacturer.

What about polishes and waxes?

Polishes and waxes should be avoided or used with extreme care as they might harm the wood or the finish. Avoid wax, bleach, oil, heavy soaps, and detergents that might damage the finish of the hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ. You can keep it looking great if you pay clear attention to the wood and how it is recommended to be cleaned.

Watch out for things that scratch

Sweep and vacuum regularly as your hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ will look its best when it doesn’t have dust all over it. As well, dirt and other debris can scratch the surface of the wood. Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft dry mop so that you can make the most of the cleaning power of those items without scratching the wood.

Furniture legs, especially the bottoms of dining chairs that move across the floor, should have soft padding on them so that they don’t scratch the wood on your hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ as they move. Also, pay attention to your pets. Keep their toenails trimmed and filed so that those also do not scratch the hardwood flooring.

Use rugs and mats

Keep the floor clean by not letting dirt get to it in the first place. If you put a rug or a mat down on the hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ, be sure that the mat is made of breathable, soft backing that neither scratches nor traps moisture beneath it. However, once you have the right mat, then a mat or rug is a good idea in high traffic areas to limit the amount of dirt in those areas.

Sure, your hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ needs a good, deep clean sometimes. Why? Wood gets as dirty and sometimes it needs some of that dirt really removed. What it gets dirty with is the everyday oils, grime, dust, and dirt that get on any floor. A little vacuuming can help, but every once in a while, the floor needs a good clean so that the dirt itself does not get into the wood and cause harm. Ask about our deep cleaning services. Visit our website for more information.


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