Sep 12, 2022 | Hardwood Floor

Fundamentals of Hardwood Flooring Installation


There’s no doubt that hardwood floors add a beautiful, natural, luxurious appeal. The crucially important aspect of hardwood flooring is—the installation! The perfect installation, requires precise planning, measurements, and expertise. As some unhappy homeowners can unfortunately testify, improper and shabby hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix can lead to disaster, aggravation, and costly repairs.

Experience, expertise, the right tools and materials, and guaranteed results are key fundamentals of the hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix.

It’s a lot of finicky work. The floor area needs to be prepped, including pre-drilling nail holes. Arrange the planks with the tongue side facing the center of the room, and place spacers inside the expansion gaps, mixing the boards from each box of flooring to ensure the finished product has a blended color and finish without patchiness. And more.

Hardwood flooring experts caution about some basic hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix do’s and don’ts.

. Consider the space realistically, and choose a hardwood that can sustain the foot traffic and wear in that area.

. The area must be level! The sub-floor should be flat, level and dry before the new hardwood floor installation happens.

. Moisture must be kept to a minimum. The first rule in hardwood installation is to know where it will be installed. The environment the location determines the kind of hardwood to use. The environment and climate play a huge role when it comes to hardwood floors, due to humidity issues. It’s risky to install hardwood flooring in an area that is exposed to excessive moisture, avoiding areas such as bathrooms, depending on the specific situation. When the wood floor becomes too damp, it can lift off of the sub floor and buckle.

. Temperature matters. When wood floorboards are not acclimated and are exposed to excessive moisture or big changes in temperature, they can expand, crush together, and be forced off of the subfloor. Experts say that it’s not a good idea to install hardwood floors in homes that experience extreme temperatures and are not climate-controlled throughout the year.

. The detail is in the finish. If the hardwood floor was contaminated or not prepped correctly when the finish was applied, the floor finish can begin to peel. Things like too much sanding with high-grit sandpaper can damage the wood and cause an overly smooth surface for the finish to properly stick.

Hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix requires professional skill and meticulous attention to detail. It saves money, repairs, and hassles in the future. If the installation is done properly, and with easy, consistent maintenance and care, hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix will last for a long time.


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