Dec 5, 2022 | Reclaimed Wood Floor

Four Things to Know About Using Reclaimed Wood for Flooring


Interior designer and reno trends agree. Reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona is very popular, for many reasons. More and more people add the charm of reclaimed wood in homes, offices, retail stores and restaurants.

Probably the basic and biggest reason for the popularity surge of reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona is that it looks great! While conventional hardwood floors do not offer the special sheen or natural, rich glow of wood, reclaimed wood floors have character and a special antique look.

The hardwood grooves and knotholes, combined with the already worn finish of reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona, create a special look and feel and personality that a newly honed piece of hardwood can’t possibly match.

A sometimes-overlooked feature of reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona is its proven high-quality of product. Reclaimed wood flooring material has stood the test of time, it has matured and settled, and no worries about creaking or cracking.

Reclaimed wood is naturally stronger and more durable than the lumber that new growth trees can provide. The reclaimed wood aging process over decades (or centuries) enhances the natural tones and shades of the wood, as well as bringing out the character with rings and knots.

Reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona is more affordable and budget-friendly than conventional, new hardwood. The reasons are simple. New wood that is used for new hardwood flooring must be milled, marked and stained to give it that the look people expect. Reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona does not require the costly processing, so it is less expensive to buy.

There is wide selection of reclaimed wood flooring types, styles, and choices. Reclaimed Oak is one of the best materials to use for flooring because it is heavy, adding to its durability and strength under pressure, and also features a coarse texture and a detailed grain that adds to the character of reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona.

For many people, it is an eco-conscious choice. Reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona is environmentally friendly. Most new hardwood flooring requires cutting down many trees. Reclaimed wood floors are recycled materials, and no trees are destroyed to make the planks.


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