Jun 14, 2021 | Hardwood Floor

Five Hardwood Flooring Trends You Should Not Miss


Hardwood flooring adds a certain look and feel to any room that cannot be achieved with any other flooring material. The warmth of the natural wood creates a welcoming atmosphere, and it looks incredible with a huge variety of design aesthetics. Hardwood flooring is equally at home in a room that is modern and sophisticated or farmhouse cozy. There are endless choices when it comes to hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ (https://blackhawkfloors.com/hardwood-flooring-chandler-az/).

Top Five Trends for 2021

Keep an eye out for these top five new trends in hardwood flooring:

1) Engineered hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring is an interesting hybrid product that is set to become a huge trend for 2021. It is made of a relatively thin top layer of hardwood that is reinforced with plywood underneath. It looks like solid hardwood, but it is significantly cheaper. When you are looking at hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ, make sure to check out engineered hardwood. It might offer you the look you dream of for the right price.

2) Natural Stains

Design trends that favored a natural look last year are continuing into 2021. Hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ that is stained and finished to bring out its natural beauty is becoming even more popular. The natural look of this finish brings the organic elements of design into your living space.

3) More uniform grain

In 2021, the trends are moving towards a more uniform grain for hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ. This means that you will see fewer planks with knots and natural imperfections than you would have in previous years. People are spending more time and effort in selecting planks that are uniform to give a continuous look.

4) Rift-cut floors

Rift-cut refers to the way the trees are milled into planks. This technique shows off the lines in the wood in a more uniform way. People are drawn to rift-cut floors because it highlights the grain in an interesting and fresh way. Rift-cut planks are becoming an extremely sought-after type of hardwood flooring.

5) Longer boards

People are gravitating towards longer planks in their flooring rather than a variety of staggered short and long pieces. This makes the space look bigger and gives it cleaner lines. You will notice that hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ is trending towards a sleeker, more uniform look with fewer seams.

2021 is Going Natural

As you can see from these top five trends, hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ is moving even further towards the natural look. Long lengths and natural finishes bring out the inherent beauty of the wood.

The Right Hardwood Flooring Company Matters

When deciding which kind of flooring to install, always talk to an experienced company that specializes in hardwood, like Blackhawk Floors. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about everything to do with hardwood flooring, including what type looks the best in certain spaces and how to get the best look for your budget. Blackhawk Floors has been supplying hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ and the surrounding areas since 2002. Visit our website for more information.


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