Jun 11, 2021 | Wood Accent Wall

Five Beautiful Wood Accent Wall Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

Do you feel like the design of your favorite room is good, but it could be better? A wood accent wall can give your space that little extra warmth and interest that you are looking for. The versatility of a wood accent wall means that you can stain, paint, and install it in any number of ways.

Wood accent walls are a lot like hardwood flooring. You can choose from a huge variety of types of wood, colors, grains, and finishes. Each lends its own unique feel to your space. A wood accent wall can add a beautiful element to almost any design style.

Five Ways that a Wood Accent Wall Can Upgrade Your Space

1) Use reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is a great choice for a wood accent wall. Wood can be reclaimed from a variety of places. Reclaimed barn wood has been very popular lately. Reclaimed wood can come from almost anywhere, including shipping pallets. Just make sure that it was not used in any kind of toxic environment. Reclaimed wood can be milled so all the planks are uniform, or you can install different sizes and thicknesses to give your wood accent wall a more 3-dimensional feel.

2) Chevron pattern

Install wood at angles to create a beautiful and interesting chevron pattern on your wood accent wall. If you are attempting this as a DIY project, make sure you plan and measure thoroughly before you make any cuts. Chevron patterns need to be done with close attention to detail in order for them to look great.

3) Multi-colored stains

To achieve an eye-catching wood accent wall, consider using multi-colored stains. Staining the planks different colors creates a mural look, which adds an artistic touch to your living space. You can mix bolder stain colors with more natural hues or stick with different shades of one color, whichever looks best in your space.

4) Bold paint color

Adding paint to a wood accent wall looks incredible, especially if paint and stain are alternated on the planks. Paint also allows you to use the accent wall to tie together other elements in the room. To change the paint color, simply sand down and paint over it when your color scheme changes.

5) Vertical planks

Most wood accent walls have horizontal planks, but switching it up and installing the planks vertically gives the space a unique twist. Consider vertical planks on a bedroom accent wall behind the bed to give the room a beautiful focal point.

DIY or Professional?

You might be tempted to try out your DIY skills when installing a wood accent wall, but it is a little more difficult than it looks. Since the wall will be a focal point in the room, people will notice any slight mistake in the installation or finishing.

A professional, experienced company, like Blackhawk Floors, is able to take care of any hardwood projects you might have. Their experienced team of professionals is able to advise, install, and finish a beautiful wood accent wall for any space. Contact Blackhawk Floors for more information.


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