May 20, 2022 | Wood Floor

Are There any Technical Benefits to Installing Wood Flooring Underlays?

Wood flooring makes any home more stylish and comfortable, with so many options available to match any home’s decor and ambiance. However, when you get your wood flooring installed, an underlay should be used. It has many technical benefits that make it worth the investment. So, what are wood flooring underlays and how can you benefit from them?

What is a Wood Flooring Underlay?

It is a thin and soft layer of protection put down before the wood flooring is installed. The underlay can be made up of various materials such as foam, rubber, or recycled fibers. The best wood flooring underlay for your floor will depend on the condition of the base floor, such as dips or moisture issues.

Deal with Uneven Floors

Uneven wood flooring in Phoenix ( is often caused by flooring being installed on an uneven surface without an underlay. The underlay can be customized to create an even surface for the final wood layer.

Reduce Floor Noise

Wooden floors placed right down onto the subfloor means that noise is likely to travel easily, especially if the floor is on the upper floor of a home. If you want to reduce the noise caused by your wood flooring in Phoenix, then your best option is to lay down a layer of noise absorbing wood flooring underlays. These underlays are particularly great for split floor apartments.

Provide Extra Warmth

Subflooring isn’t known to be the warmest thing, especially if it is directly above a crawl space or directly above a cement floor. With good quality wood flooring in Phoenix, if you want to avoid cold feet, then laying down an underlay is a great choice. Without an underlay, both hot weather and cold weather can affect your wood floor, whether through cold and/or dampness.

Stability for Your Floors

Wood flooring, if not properly installed, can creak and move when it shouldn’t, and this will reduce the life of the floor and cause noticeable damage over time. When you install wood flooring in Phoenix with the use of a wood floor underlay, you have an extra cushion of protection to the wood, protecting it from moving, as well as protecting it from expanding and contracting from temperature changes. All this extra stability means a longer life for your flooring, and a better investment.


Subfloors can cause moisture, especially if the wood floor is being placed directly on cement on the lowest floor of a building. Moisture is highly damaging to wood, so putting down an underlay gives a much needed layer of protection from moisture. Save money with an underlay.

More Comfortable Flooring

There are many perks to wood flooring underlays that make it an absolute necessity for any wood flooring that you want to last for years to come and minimize the need for repairs. For wood flooring in Phoenix, as well as wood flooring underlay, trust the experts at Blackhawk Floors to provide you with expert knowledge and top quality materials.